hi, i'm ruth

...ok.. you probably want more information than that, so i'll attempt to talk about myself...
• i've been a photographer for about 12 years
• i'm married to a handsome bearded man named Cole -also a photographer-
• virgo
• a dog + cat mamma
• dedicated plant lady
• a hopeless romantic -which makes photographing love the best job ever-
• addicted to boba
• want to love to workout
• gryffindor

My Style

I've witnessed many beautiful in-between moments of life through my lens & have made it my goal to create imagery that is full of connection & emotion. I have a photojournalistic approach mixed with editorial + natural posing.
But I'm not here to get the "perfect shot" -& that's saying a lot for a virgo- I want to capture those perfectly imperfect feelings, intimate moments you can hold onto, relive & hang on your walls as proof that you have loved.

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Snippets of my life...